Cutting-edge threat

prevention capabilities

Our elastic endpoint security solution fully combines

prevention, detection, and response into a single

autonomous agent.

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Complete Solution

Our device protection solutions fully combine prevention, detection and response into a single autonomous agent. Requiring zero training, our solution is built for speed, and stops threats at the earliest stages of attack. Integrating the best endpoint security product available our solution provides a whole new comprehensive security operations solution designed to support multiple users and use cases. 

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection refers to the approach of protecting consumers, businesses and education facilities when accessed by remote devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, or other wireless devices. It includes monitoring status, software, and activities. The endpoint protection software is manage through Wontok one platform.


Wontok uses a fleet of threat engine technologies to help defend against the full scope of known and unknown threats:


Using a combination of behaviour-based detection and exploit prevention technology, we stop ransomware and other destructive attacks before disk encryption.


Protects endpoints from unknown viruses, worms, and Trojan horse malware.

Phishing Protection

When a user browses a website and prior to typing in his/her credentials, our
protection technology will inspect, identify, and block phishing sites.

Exploit Prevention

Block attempts to exploit vulnerabilities — even zero-day vulnerabilities and kernel
exploits designed to elevate privileges — before any malicious code can execute.

Advanced Threat Prevention

Allows service providers to quickly and cost-effectively deliver VAS security services to customers.

Cloud to Identify Malicious Accessed IPs or Domains

Once a malicious communication is detected, Anti-Bot can block the communication immediately, kill the process, and put the process’s file in quarantine. A log is then sent to the log server to notify the system administrator.

Key Features

Our device protection solutions prevent and automatically remediates evasive cyberattacks, giving you instant actionable insights of attacks and the protection of user credentials.

Maintain Mobile Health:
Covers screen check, battery check, OS checks, secure Wi-Fi connections and Anti-Virus.

Mature Endpoint:
Providing protection against known and unknown cyberattacks.

Manage Endpoints:
Across any location, including office, home, or when on the road.

Advanced Behavioural Analysis
& Machine Learning Algorithms:
Shut down malware before they inflict damage.

Industry Best Practices:
Elevate endpoint security to combat targeted and evasive attacks.

High Catch Rates & Low False Positives:
Ensure efficient security and effective prevention.

Our device protection prevents and automatically remediates evasive cyberattacks, giving you instant actionable insights of attacks and the protection of user credentials.

Fluid Customer Experience

Our Wontok One interface is intuitive and easy for users to navigate.

Multiple Device Protection

Safeguards smart devices including phones, laptops, learning devices and IoT devices.

Control & Monitor User Experience

Provides visibility to customers on user behaviour across networks at home, school and work.

Always On Protection

Premium protection for end users anywhere, anyhow and on any device.

User Friendly Solution

Services and products can be deployed as soon as customer request them.

Real-Time Protection

Give customers peace of mind knowing they’re protected at all times.

Maintain Device Health

This core features covers; Screen check; Battery Check; OS Checks; Secure Wifi Connection and Anti Virus.

Manage Endpoints from any Location

Including office, home, or when on the road giving you. Mature endpoint capabilities protect against known and unknown cyberattacks.

Worry-free Updates

Spend more time on threat prevention with automatic updates and upgrades to your management server.

Shutdown Malware

Advanced behavioural analysis and machine learning algorithms shut down malware before they inflict damage.

Elastic Growth

Deploy endpoints without committing to a fixed size of the management server. The cloud management service grows with the expansion of your endpoints.

E-mail Filtering

Ability to deploy E-mail Filtering for SMB’ and Web filtering for Consumers and Schools

Location Independence

Upload updated endpoint policies and logs from any location without VPN-based connectivity.

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