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Administration & Control

Device Protection

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Everything you need in One platform

With tightening profit margins and an increasingly competitive marketplace, service providers need to set themselves apart by providing unique and flexible security offerings to their customers. Cyber security in today’s digitally-driven world is not just a consideration.

Wontok One is a highly flexible, modular, cloud-based Value Added Service (VAS) delivery platform with advanced API capabilities that allows partners to quickly and cost effectively deploy proprietary.

Fluid customer experience

The Wontok One interface is intuitive and easy for end users to navigate.

Protection across multiple devices

Safeguards smart phones, laptops, learning devices and IoT devices.

Ability to control and monitor user exposure

Give customers visibility into user behaviour across their network at home, school, and work.

Always on protection

Premium protection for end users no matter where they are, which device they’re on and what type of connection they’re using.

Easy to use and manage

Services and products can be deployed as soon as a customer requests it.

Real time web threat protection

Give customers peace of mind knowing they’re being protected at all times.

Competitive advantage

Helps service providers successfully gain market share in the IT security space.

Centrally managed services

Helps end users avoid a disjointed, uncoordinated patchwork of security solutions.

Rapid time to market

Quickly and cost-effectively deploy new services to customers in the always-evolving security market.

Highly flexible, modular delivery platform

Allows service providers to quickly and cost-effectively deliver VAS security services to customers.

White label solution

Add and monetise popular new security offerings under on face and one brand experience.

Strengthens brand awareness

Give customers access to a broad range of services to serve all their needs all in one place.

Increases customer satisfaction

Deliver a smooth and simple experience to retain existing customers and onboard new customers.

Wontok One

“One experience, one price point for your customers” – Wontok One is led by a team of security industry experts, Wontok has a proven track record of developing and deploying proven, value-added security solutions designed to accelerate time to revenue: deployed quickly and cost-effectively in your environment and support modular endpoint security and in-network security solution sets.
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The ultimate Wontok One security guide

Wontok One is a highly flexible, modular, cloud-based Value Added Service (VAS) delivery platform with advanced API capabilities that allows partners to safely scale their business.

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